The society of respected film critics that hands out the annual Gawad Urian in cinematic excellence

Takaw Tukso (1986)

Four friends, unaware of an impending tragedy, indulge in seemingly endless fun and frolic. Debbie, Nestor's fiancee, is smitten by Boy, Nestor's cousin. Letty, Debbie's friend, is on the other hand in love with Nestor. Boy is the son of the car-shop owner. These relationships are further complicated by jealousy. Due to unavoidable circumstances, Boy is forced to marry Debbie while Nestor weds Letty, though it is only Letty who is genuinely in love. The death of Boy's mother further complicates matters as they shack up in the same house. Debbie has a brief affair with Nestor. Boy's business crumbles and his properties are about to be seized. Desperate, Boy meets an accident but fortunately survives. These tragedies lead Boy to greater desperation, forcing him to take a drastically violent move to end all his problems.