The society of respected film critics that hands out the annual Gawad Urian in cinematic excellence

Bayaning 3rd World (1999)

This post-modernist take on the National Hero Jose Rizal, his life and legend, his psyche and that of his followers, folllows the artistic and intellectual meanderings of two filmmakers (Ricky Davao and Cris Villanueva) who are struggling to make a movie about the Filipino martyr. They dissect the ubiquity of the Rizal figure, from one-peso coin to the pervasive popular practice of attaching his name to just about everything, including matchsticks and funeral houses. A movie of ideas, shot in black and white, it provokes the audience into reevaluating not only their perception of the revered nationalist and Renaisssnace man, but also their positions and attitudes toward hero worship, myth-making and deification.